Assignment Writing

Assignment writing is both challenging and educative. While in school you will have so many assignments to do and write. This is sometimes stressful and tiresome especially if you have a tight schedule. But if you give yourself adequate time to plan, do your research in time, write and proofread your assignment, you won’t have to rush to meet deadline. Always start early.

Below are some assignment writing steps to help you achieve better results:

Plan: By planning your assignment will help to get you focused and also keep you on track. Think about how you need to do your assignment, the marks you will be awarded and what impact they have in your final exams. This will help you focus and do the needful to meet your deadline.

Understand the question: Before you can tackle the question try and understand what it means, what is expected of you, analyze it slowly and carefully. Check for words that instruct you on what to do.

Find information: Before you start you assignment writing take this into consideration. You are required to research then collect all the necessary and reliable information about the question. This information can be obtained from your course materials or recommended sources.

Make a rough draft: Proceed to make an outline that will give you a structure to follow when it comes to the assignment writing process. It helps you understand how your tutor expects the assignment to be structured. What to be included and the sections that earn you the most marks. Don’t make it perfect as it will change

Write: You may find it easier to start with the conclusion as most people find the introduction very hard to start with, leave it till last. Fine tune your first draft and ensure it makes sense and includes everything. Check your wording and styles and keep several copies as you may need to revise them. Additionally, make sure you strictly  follow the assignment writing style given.

Edit and proofread: Once you are done take a short break and distant yourself from it. If possible get someone to proofread it for you as it may be difficult to find a mistake in your own work. Once you are happy submit your assignment!

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