How to Write Book Reviews 

A book review is a critical analysis, evaluation of the meaning and quality as well as assessment of the significance of a book.  Other readers will be interested in your opinion of the book you’ve read you need to give honest thoughts that will help them find the right books for their different needs. Additionally, as a student, one may be asked to write book reviews as an assignment. For better review just imagine you’re talking to someone who’s asking you whether they should read the book or not.

Book Review Writing Steps

Read the book and take notes. Read the book several times as multiple reads tend to give the reviewer different aspects of the story. Take notes or use a voice recorder to brainstorm answers that maybe useful in analyzing the book.

 Begin with a heading. If not directed on the heading format by your professor, use the standard format. This means; title, author, and publisher, number of pages and date of publication.

Write an introduction. Ensure you start with a catchy introduction. This works “miracles” in capturing the reader’s attention so that they are interested in reading the rest of the review. Include all the relevant information. Ideally , if you’re not sure on how to begin your review, focus on writing the body of the review first and write the introduction last.

Write a summary. Summarize the book’s themes and main points. Keep it concise, to the point and informative without going into details about what happens in the middle of the book onward. Most importantly, don’t reveal the ending of the book in the summary. If it’s part of a series tell it to the readers.

Evaluate the book. Analyze how best the book achieved its objective, whether it was convincing or not. Use supporting quotes and passages from the book to support your points. Sum up your book analysis with a concluding paragraph. Significantly, consider the strengths and weakness discuss whether or not you would recommend the book and who the best readers are? Wrap up your review by giving the book a score.

Polish your review. Your first attempt at a book review may not be as perfect as intended to. Therefore, it’s advisable that you put it aside for a while and get a fresh perspective. Consequently, make adjustments on the drafts to perfect your work.

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