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  • PFA Case study for Marketing communication strategy
To make this assignment simple to answer there 2 things that need to be included.
1) STP- [market segment/target audience/ positioning strategy]-
2) 18 Month time line- of how the marketing communication strategy for metabical will look like over 18 months time.
  • You are a Marketing Manager, seeing the problems that can be an impact to the business, you are communicating with the company’s executives in a 500 words memo.

    State the problem. Begin your memo with a statement of the main problem. Your problem statement should not be an exhaustive list of everything that is wrong. Rather, it should be the central issues around which all else are organized.

    Analyze the problem. This is where you identify relevant facts  and apply a conceptual model to diagnose the problem. Analyze the problem you identified (and not some other problem). Organize the facts into a coherent whole as if you were presenting evidence to persuade a skeptic. Clearly state any assumptions that you’ve made. Provide evidence to support your analysis. Apply the conceptual model fully and explicitly. Cite your sources.

    Draw a conclusion and provide specific recommendations for action. Provide the results of your analysis. What are your main conclusions? What should be done next? Some cases call for a specific decision or specific actions that need to be taken, while others do not. However, most cases at least call for an explanation of “what you would have done” in the situation. Provide specific recommendations that logically follow from your analysis of your problem statement.

  • Discuss the Evolution of Decision Making Approaches: The Evolvement to Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Discuss the Important Skills in Project management 
  • Discuss the relation between narrative style and moral judgement in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness 
  • Discuss with examples how and why major international actors have been perceived as failing the victims of genocide
  • You have successfully designed an Electric Power system for Generation, Transmission and Distribution. It is expected that power generated by your system must be controlled and you must protect and isolate all powered equipment just in case of power surge or/and other anomalies. Your task is to determine and describe the major components of electric power system control; switch gear specifications and mechanisms of electric power isolation. These requirements are expected for the power supply system in the Low Voltage (LV) to High Voltage (HV) range.
  • When creating trade policy, should the interests of businesses and their employees take precedence or should that of consumers take precedence? Explain your answer with a well-constructed and cogent response.
  • Compare and contrast internalization theory and the Knickerbocker theory of FDI. Which theory offers the best explanation of FDI and why? Explain your answer with a well-constructed and cogent response.
  • Critically discuss the importance of the concepts social capital and status syndrome in reducing inequalities in health in your area of professional practice.
  • Critique using a critiquing tool (qualitive) and article from the nursing standard called experience of mixed sex bays in general hospitals.
  •  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) acceptance in Turkey
  • The History of  lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT)
  • Discuss Accountable Care Act and it’s advantages and disadvantages
  • Affordable Care Act in Chicago
  • Managed Care Plans and Payment Plans 
  • Should we be considered about Accountable Care organizations 
  • What is a “Good Society? Select a country from the developing countries’ list and discuss whether it is a Good Society or not? use your preferred criterion/approach to define that.
  • Project management involves putting together a plan that enables the accomplishment of a task–one that is often slated to drive change.  Would you say then that project management is an aspect of change management?  Why or Why not?  A minimum of three paragraphs is required for your initial post.
  •  A term paper of no less than 1500 words  will be written on a Topic, which you should select from a list of Language Development Hypotheses.   The Term Paper is to present a discussion based on a minimum of three articles, books or chapters in a book (excluding the class Text, of course), that describe, or support or refute the hypothesis you have selected from the list.  A minimum of three citations (you can have as many above that number as you wish) with references in APA format will be included at the end of the paper. Also, at the end of the paper you should include a short Appendix, which will answer three questions:  1. What were the databases, if any, that you used to find each article or book; 2. What was the search strategy you used (i.e., the search words you used) in each database to find the articles; and 3.  Was each article that you cited an example of Primary or Secondary research?
  • TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION AND PRACTICE:  An Annotated Bibliography will be developed including Five (100 word minimum for each) Annotated Citations.  With the exception of the first, these references will be based on topics obtained from the Language Development Hypotheses in the list provided at the end of this survival document, and again in the Class Requirement Section online. You may use the same Topic for all, or different Topics for each.  The choice is yours!
  •  The effects of watching television for young children are detrimental to language development.
The number of siblings and their position in the family in terms of birth effects language development.
Increased opportunities to experience (play with) many objects as a young child is beneficial to concept (and hence) language development.
   Letting the infant cry at night so that she/she will learn to sleep all night long is detrimental to language development if not the psychological development of the baby.
  Exposing the child in the first five years of life to classical music like Bach and Beethoven is beneficial for cognitive and/or language development.
 The more you talk to a child in the first five years, the better cognitive and/or language development will be.
Children who are read to (or who read) have better imagery and/or language development than children who watch Television.
 A plentiful diet of sugar based cereals, soft drinks, pastries, cookies, and/or fast foods, is developmentally detrimental to a child’s ability to sustain attention.
  Reading to a child every day (even an infant) is beneficial for language development.
A baby, who immediately after birth is allowed to remain with the mother rather than being
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